Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 1 The Group Project -- 500 Videos and Websites

Day 1, Week 1, Day 1
Good morning.

We will meet this week 3 days
next week 5 days
week 3 = 4 days MLK DAY (what is M L K? )
week 4 = 5 days
week 5 = 5 days.

We have 22 meetings.

This photo shows a comet. It is a cool video. You can find it on youtube...

1. We are an English - Language program in a normal US high school.

2. We will learn new words by speaking, presenting information and listening.

3. We will collect new words with a simple system -- a sheet of paper. each day, turn in a sheet of paper with words.

4. We will set up

5. We use a system here call the IB. what are the ten words above the white board?

6. There are ten activities and questions. We don't need to do all of them, but you can go to the youtube channel and see these activities.


7. In 5 weeks the teacher gives a report -- a letter grade with comments.

8. How do you get points? You can earn up to 20 points each day.

22 meetings x 20 = 440. 20 points for the group project, 40 points for an individual project.

9. Group Project: we will complete this project by Jan. 12. We have 8 days. We will collect 500 videos and websites that You Should see before you graduate high school.
(20 points)
when you find a website or video that inspires you or motivates you or educates you, then send the link to BIBPenpals@yahoo.com and write at least 5 sentences about the site or video.

a) What are the SEARCH WORDS to find the site or video?
b) Why did you select this site?
c) What is in the site or video?
d) What is NOT in this video?
e) Who will benefit from this video? What is the main topic?


a) Dan Heath Change
b) I selected this video because I don't make changes very easily. I need motivations to push me and to encourage students to change. That's my job, asking people to change. I'm a teacher.
c) There is a guy who talks simply, clearly and gently. He does not shout. The message is simple: Show something that makes people feel something, so then they get the energy to change. Don't educate the person. He gives an example about smoking. People know that smoking can hurt you, but they continue to smoke and they don't change. Why? Dan Heath explains.
d) You won't find loud music, fancy graphics or special effects. It's a simple message and it has changed the way I teach and how I ask people to change their behavior.
e) Teachers need this. Students who want to influence others (don't we all?) will find it useful.

10. Individual Project (40 points): Choose something that really interests you.

That's enough for today. We can talk more -- you need to email me every day to get points. Look at the board to get the points.

tomorrow we will talk about how to get more points.
If you have more than 500 points, you can turn them in to me and I will turn those points into trees. 10 points = 1 tree. (planted in the tropics, perhaps in Honduras).

My email is FreeEnglishLessons@gmail.com -- send me a message each day.

Group project: send the links to BIBPenpals@yahoo.com

Text me, call me, get points.

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