Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A reminder about the copyright law (as expressed in Youtube) ... don't be a pirate

Evaluation of you answers:

  1. The following item(s) may be protected by copyright:
    You chose: All of the above
    Copyrighted works include music, photographs, paintings, books, films and video.
  2. Copyright infringement is a serious offense and violation of the law may have significant consequences.
    You chose: True
    If you are found liable for copyright infringement, you can face serious legal consequences, including significant financial penalties.
  3. If content is available on the Internet, it is in the public domain and therefore okay to upload to YouTube.
    You chose: False
    Just because something is available on the Internet does not mean that it is in the public domain.
  4. "Fair use" is a legal defense that applies in all countries.
    You chose: False
    Only some jurisdictions have copyright provisions protecting "fair use." If you are uncertain as to whether a specific use qualifies as a fair use, you should contact a qualified copyright attorney.
Congratulations! You've successfully completed copyright school. You may refer back to this anytime in your Account.

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